Here you find audio meditations that are recorded live during sessions / trainings.

The Body scan is a guided meditation to bring the attention into the body from the toes to the crown of the head.

A guided sitting meditation to bring mindful attention to the breath and the body as an anchor to the here & now.

5 Minute Breathing Space. Being mindful of thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the breath.

Bringing love and kindness to the touch of your hands with your body.
Inspired by the “Compassionate touch meditation” by Jan Chozen Bays & Char Wilkens.

Guided visualisation meditation to stand strong like a mountain amidst difficulty.

Bringing mindful attention to the weatherpattern in your body as if reading a the weather on a weatherglass.

Mindful eating exercise: a guided meditation to bring your attention to the touch, smell, sound and taste of food.

Mindful eating exercise: bringing mindful attention to physical sensations while eating.

6 Minute Breathing Space exercise to cope with difficulty.